• Ensure that laptops are in a locked boot when in the vehicle.
  • Be aware of any suspicious vehicles in the vicinity of your pharmacy.
  • Be aware of any suspicious persons in your pharmacy during the day. Monitor them, if you have CCTV, take note of their appearance.
  • Before closing time, keep a watchful eye out for these persons and/or any others who appear to be up to no good.
  • When opening and closing the pharmacy, ensure that there are no suspicious people and/or vehicles lurking in the vicinity of your entrance. Open and close under dual control.
  • Avoid congregation of staff at the entrance to the pharmacy when opening. This could lead to staff being taken hostage and a pursuant armed hold up.
  • Ensure that your alarm system is in good working order. Check the system at least once a month in each zone on the panel. Should you be not happy with outcome, contact your service provider to assess the system.
  • Do not stack boxes or stock in front of the motion detectors. This does not allow them to pick up intruders.
  • Should you have a security guard, ensure that he/she is correctly trained.
  • Make use of other security guards at other shops and obtain any information from them which may assist.

When doing the banking ensure the following procedures:

  • Vary times and routes taken
  • The limits below are as per the AIG Multi Armour Policy schedule:
  • Shall be by direct unbroken trips from or to the Insured’s premises and the bank
  • Money under R10,000 to be done by one person
  • Money between R10,000 & R15,000 to be done by two persons
  • Money above R15,000 to be done by a security firm

Alert other shops in your vicinity of suspicious persons/vehicles so as to create community awareness. Note that the above are suggested security measures which can be implemented but are by no means the only measures. It is suggested that you either contact your alarm company and/or the local police station in order to obtain additional measures.

Limits per safe category (NB please check your safe category)

  • No S.A.B.S. grading – R 5 000
  • S.A.B.S. category grading 1 – R 7 500
  • S.A.B.S. category 2 grading – R12 500
  • S.A.B.S. category 2 HD grading – R 25 000
  • S.A.B.S. category 2 AMD grading – R 50 000
  • S.A.B.S. category 2 AMD grading D3 – R75 000
  • S.A.B.S. category 3 grading – R100 000
  • S.A.B.S. category 4 grading – R200 000

Should you have any queries or wish to ask any questions, please feel free to contact us on:
0861 759 268 (Skybound)